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Our supplement is built on 100% natural, medical-grade herbs and ingredients. We believe in the best quality ingredients that is medicinally nourishing. Our team works directly with our trusted partners to source the best produce, harvest the herbs at the right time, and package them intact. The goal is to deliver the best healthy supplement that exceeds people's sophisticated expectations; by the time you try our supplement, you will appreciate the difference, on a level that you can feel.

There's more to herbal medicine than meets the eye.

The bitterness of herbal medicine may be familiar to someone but certainly not to all.But not all medicine are bitter and unpalatable. Some are quite fruity, sour, and sweet, just like any fruits we see daily. Our team of O.M.D.s are here to research, develop, and perfect the formula based on Traditional Eastern Medicine and medical studies. By making supplements that you may need at one point in your life, we make it much easier for you to maintain wellness every day.

Our MH Standard Operating Procedures ensures quality and safety of the product.

We do chop, mince, grind, dry, steam, and boil our ingredients, but we do NOT extract from the ingredients.

Our trusted partners' gmp certified

provides the best environment to process our herbs. We always monitor the quality of herbs we source to ensure what you get is the best.

Natural super power

Our formula isn't based on myth.
Learn more about the science behind ILUNA.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming supplement release. Let's appreciate our lives with some natural super power.

From start to finish, everything's in the details.

Also known as the "entourage effect", it describes the effect that taking THC and CBD together is more effective than taking either alone. It explains synergy. We believe in medicinal herbs (including cannabis | Note: we don't have cannabis in our product), but in order to maximize its benefits, we add other natural ingredients. These aren't random stuff. Our supplement is formulated by our doctors of Traditional Eastern Medicine (O.M.D.s), and the formula is based on years of patient and clinical data to make sure we aren't missing anything. When we found Modern Herbs, we promised ourselves that we'll be transparent, honest about every approach we take with every supplement we develop. We don't cut corners. From brainstorming the idea to formulating the supplement, we pay a tremendous amount of attention to each detail - the amount of herbs we put in, the taste, the form, the dosage and amount, etc. We built something great. And you'll be the judge.

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