Our Story

"80 years of practice and 3 million data"

Our very first medical clinic was established in Daejeon, South Korea in 1942 by Dr. Jun Song. 8 years later, the Korean War broke. Dr. June Song and his family were forced to evacuate and take refuge. Given the circumstances, there were hundreds of thousands of people who were suffering from hunger, injuries, and diseases. In 1951, Dr. June Song established a very small temporary clinic in a small village called Surinemi where he treated thousands of ill people and soldiers who were passing by, including the U.S veterans. Prescribed, chemical-based drugs and hospitals were not widely available at that time. Dr. June Song, with his expertise in Traditional Eastern Medicine, treated his patients with potent medical herbs. 

UN military commanders and North Korean representatives signed a ceasefire agreement on July 27th, 1953. Dr. June Song relocated his clinic to a nearby suburban city, named Gimcheon. Since 1953, he continued to serve his patients until the clinic was bestowed on his son. Dr. June Song also spent a great amount of time helping the communities by building shelters for those who lost their houses due to the war, and helped them get back on their feet by providing them warm food and medical treatments for free. 

"Building truthful relationships matter."

Dr. Jun Song’s youngest son, Dr. Hyo Song took over his father’s beloved clinic and started practicing in 1989. Dr. Hyo renamed his clinic to Il-chung Eastern Medicine Clinic which was named after Dr. June Song’s nickname, Il-chung, which means “ever-green”.  The clinic continued to grow dramatically, attracting patients from Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, and the U.S. All of his patients came through word of mouths, as Dr. Hyo Song never advertised his clinic once. There were several times when the clinic attempted to move to Seoul, Korea’s capital city to serve more patients. However, Dr. Hyo Song valued the bonds among existing patients in his city and the relationships he had built with local people, Dr. Hyo decided to stay and continued to serve his patients in Gimcheon. 


"All NATURAL" is the way to go.

Dr. Hyo Song’s first son, Dr. Sean Song followed his father’s path. He received his license and gained O.M.D title in California and opened his first clinic in Orange, California in 2016. Dr. Sean Song is also a founder of an organization called Alternative Medicine Research and Development Association (AMRDA). His main goal was to disseminate the effectiveness of Eastern Medicine to the western culture, but soon he faced one of the biggest challenges. The taste of herbal tea was unpalatable for people who have no experience with herbal medicine. Dr. Sean Song realized the importance of making it more approachable by developing supplements that can be easily consumed. Dr. Sean Song reached out to his younger brother, Chaho Song who studied business to get consultation with his products. Chaho saw the potential of the business and started making the plans. The brothers along with other licensed medical and business professionals found Modern Herbs. The company now develops all natural, vegan, smart supplements made with 100% natural medical-grade herbs for modern day people. Modern Herbs proprietary formula is based on 3 million patient data cases with over 75 years of experience. Iluna is our first product that is designed to outsmart hangovers. Iluna’s medical-grade herbs do not just counter hangovers, but also enhance overall functionality of your health and wellbeing. Learn more about Iluna here.