ILUNA (1 Box)
ILUNA (1 Box)
ILUNA (1 Box)
ILUNA Supplement Facts
ILUNA (1 Box)

ILUNA (1 Box)

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ILUNA is designed to outsmart hangovers.

ILUNA highlight:

  • The box contains 10 packets
  • Only $3 / each avoided wasted night or hungover morning.
  • Taste Like:  has more of an earthy scent - not a taste. Kinda sweet. Taste wellness.
  • Direction: swallow the pebbles with water. Do NOT dissolve in water. Do NOT chew.
  • Developed by O.M.Ds  | Traditional Eastern medicine-based formula | GMP certified
  • vegan | caffeine-free | no artificial flavor | no preservatives | doctor-led clinical trial
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • International Shipping to the United Kingdom only.

What's Special about modern herbs?

Medical-grade herbs

Carefully scrutinized for its potency and quality by our licensed O.M.D.s

No extract | No Chemicals

We use 100% natural ingredients and use absolute zero chemicals whatsoever.

Smart Supplement without BS

Based on Traditional Eastern Medicine and medical studies. Real science - backed formula.

Highest quality in a state of the art facility

Our Standard Operating Procedures ensure the best and the safest quality supplements.