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ILUNA is a proprietary blend that our team of Traditional Eastern Medicine doctors has developed for years to help you recover from hangovers. Unlike other hangover relief products, we have embraced both scientific studies and Traditional Eastern Medicine to come up with the most effective formula.  

Your body reacts to alcohol when you drink. Although live functionality varies individually, the average liver can only process a small drink per hour. Liver is not the only system that reacts to alcohol. According to a medical study, alcohol affects brains, kidneys, stomach, and many more. ILUNA is derived from various medical-grade medicinal herbs to prevent hangovers. Learn why ILUNA is the best hangover cure here.

Simply tear open one single-serve ILUNA packet, pour its contents into your mouth and swallow with water. 

Please do not chew ILUNA as the contents are in solid form.  

No, ILUNA will neither prevent intoxication nor enhance sobriety.  

We recommend you take ILUNA at least 30 min prior to drinking to maximize its effectiveness, but you may take it during and/or after drinking. 

ILUNA is manufactured at our GMP certified facility in South Korea where the Modern Herbs' co-founders have practiced since 1942.

When stored at room temperature and without excessive humidity or heat, ILUNA has a shelf life of 24 months. Please do not store in extremely high or low temperatures as they may reduce ILUNA’s efficacy. 

We only source “medical-grade” herbs from South Korea. These herbs are potent and considered “drugs” in South Korea; therefore, the government strictly governs and monitors all the medical-grade herbs. These herbs are governed by KFDA (Korean Food Drug Administration, currently known as Ministry of Food and Drug Safety). Modern Herbs have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure quality and safety for human consumption.  

For the best result, we encourage people to take ILUNA at least 10-30 minutes prior to drinking. However, in case you forget, you may take it the next morning.  

Please consult with a licensed physician. 

ILUNA is made with 100% natural medical-grade herbs, and therefore it does not have a daily limit.  

ILUNA is an herbal, dietary supplement and does neither require FDA approval nor can it be approved by FDA. However, at Modern Herbs, we are respectfully following FDA’s guidance. We are complying with its rules and regulations to ensure consistency in quality and safety.  

General Information

Our goal is to make you happy with our product. For whatever reasons you are not satisfied with our product, please send us an email at customerservice [at] with your name, order number, and the reasons. We will honor your request and issue full refund minus shipping and handling on the first order only.

If you simply change your mind and need to return the item, you may do so, but the item must be returned to us before we can issue a refund back to you.

Please allow at least a couple days to process refund back to the payment method you used.

Please email us at customerservice [at] as soon as possible before it gets shipped. If the order is shipped, then you need to return the item back to us within 15 days. Please make sure the package is unopened. If it is opened then it is NOT eligible for returns. 

Once we approve your request, the process may take up to 4-5 business days. You will get an email notification for refund approval. If you did not get the refund even after you got our email notification, please check with the bank.  

ILUNA is only available in the United States at the moment.  

However, our team is currently working to expand our shipping territories. 

Please stay tuned!  

You could contact us through online form, (please find "contact" under "Learn" from the drop down menu)

Email us at: customerservice [at]

For other business inquires, please email to: info [at] 

If the tracking number indicates that the product is delivered and you did not get your package, please note that we are not responsible for the lost packages.
Sometimes, the carrier may hold the package at the local store, so you can give them a call, provide the tracking number, and try to locate the package.